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Volvo EC300ENL converted into a demolition crane

Recently we were able to deliver an extensively modified VOLVO 300ENL machine to a valued customer in Germany. This machine will mainly be used for demolition work.

In order to be able to maneuver optimally during the demolition work, the standard machine has been modified by us with the following adjustments:

  • The boom is stretched to a total of 7.2 meters, for more height reach during demolition work and the standard hydraulic lines have been adjusted. BECO uses the Parker Flare as standard method, so that leaks belongs to the past.
  • The fixed standard cabin has been modified to hydraulically tilt 30°, for maximum visibility during work.
  • In addition, the cabin is equipped with the FOPS (Falling-Object Protective Structures) cabin protector developed by BECO, which meets the ISO10262 category II standard. New is that for window cleaning, or for standard work where no FOPS protection is required, the two-part windscreen protection can be opened and
  • the upper part can be tilted under the FOPS roof protection. This BECO cabine protector also offers good protection for the cabin work lights, due to the protruding front.

  • For working with an extension boom and working with a pallet fork frame, the bucket cylinder is equipped with a Beco hose rupture safety valve so that it can be used safely.
  • For the protection of the bucket cylinder rod, a heavy BECO bucket cylinder protector is mounted. BECO supplies various kits for this purpose, not only for Volvo’s but also available for other brands and can also be ordered as subsequent orders. Do you want more information? Please feel free to contact us about this.
  • In order to reduce the total transport weight, our customer opted for the option of a hydraulically removable counterweight. Thanks to this system, the standard counterweight can be easily removed during transport. The hydraulic controls are located in the radiator compartment and can be operated from the left side of the machine. In the raised position the counterweight is hydraulically locked. Despite the additional cost, this investment is earned back quickly because the customer can now easily arrange the transport himself, without expensive additional permits and guidance.
  • Finally, at the request of the customer, an extra BECO 3m extension arm is supplied, equipped with a Likufix adapter plate for SW48 and a mechanical Lehnhoff quick-change type MS10 to be optimally interchangeable with their current machinery.

BECO has also used the original Volvo bucket cylinder and bucket suspension. In this way, the end customer can easily order any maintenance parts from their own Volvo dealer.

All modified components are painted completely according to the Volvo color scheme. The machine comes complete with BECO parts manual and user manual. New work diagrams have been fitted in the cabin.

Before delivery, The entire machine is extensively tested and delivered turn-key. The entire combination is delivered under CE by BECO and provided with a CE mark.