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Chassis & Axles

Maximum stability, minimal pull force

The base of the BECO Maxxim is formed by the chassis with a very high torional stiffness. Characteristic for this are among others the fully closed structures, the double executed chassis beams at the tandem versions, the box profiles at the tridem versions, the compact stepless adjustable drawbar with high ground clearance.

The narrow design of chassis and drawbar provides a large steering angle and maximum manoeuvrability of tractor and your BECO MAXXIM. The unique design of the BECO oscillating beam tandem and Tridec axle suspension ensure maximum (lateral) stability and minimal required traction. Besides professional construction BPW axles guarantee a long lifetime and maximum performance under all conditions. 

Chassis & Axles - CHASSIS


Chassis & Axles - TANDEM


Chassis & Axles - TRIDEM


Chassis & Axles - Drawbar


Chassis & Axles - Steering