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Body & tailgate - Body & tailgate

Body & tailgate


With the BECO MAXXIM we introduced being the first Dutch manufacturer an entirely smoothly finished body without so-called struts and/or cross braces. By minimizing the number of welds, positioned in the transverse direction in bottom and side, the stress in the plate material of the BECO MAXXIM is minimal and the chance of irregularities in the sheet material is reduced substantially.

This in combination with the bevelled corners at bottom as well as at front side and the tapered configuration guarantee perfect unloading properties. The fully welded welding joints, the wear-resistant material (400HB) and the generously dimensioned heavy duty hinges guarantee a long lifetime and minimal maintenance costs.  

Body & tailgate - Body


Body & tailgate - Tailgate standard

Tailgate standard

Body & tailgate - Tailgate Integrated

Tailgate Integrated

Body & tailgate - HALFPIPE