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The Beco Group: 100 years of history


The history of the BECO GROUP began in 1924, when Mr. C. Bergshoeff took over a local forge in Hagestein, Utrecht. After the Second World War, the real forge disappeared into the background and over the years various activities such as the manufacture of fire tubes and trading activities for agricultural mechanization passed. Steel constructions became the largest activity, which is how the name BECO came about, Bergshoeff Constructie.

1972: Moving

Business was good and the company expanded repeatedly, until in 1972 it had really grown out of its shell. The management decided to move to the 'De Biezen' industrial estate in Vianen, the location where the company is still located now, 2023. In the early 1970s, in addition to steel constructions, the production of agricultural tippers and attachments for earthmoving machines began.


Local forge in Hagestein                  Steel construction 70's                      Factory hall in the 70s

Increasing Exports since 2003

In 2003, more activities were taken over, such as Boforce (now Beco Modifications), Bleijenberg (now Beco Grabs) and Buiscar Cargo Solutions, which significantly increased exports. In 2020, DOWA (belt unload trailers) and other special road trailers were added to the range that we call BECO TRAILERS.

The BECO GROUP is constantly developing

In 2024, the products from the five divisions (BECO ATTACHMENTS, BECO TIPPING TRAILERS, BECO MODIFICATIONS, BECO TRAILERS AND BUISCAR CARGO SOLUTIONS) are continuously being developed, new products and sales markets were sought.

The Beco Group in 2024

100 years of BECO GROUP

In June 2024, the BECO GROUP will celebrate its 100th anniversary, a huge milestone and we hope to celebrate this together in the anniversary year.