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Klein buckets from 10 tons

One of the latest developments within the BECO Group is the co-operation with C. Klein BV (CK), which concerns the manufacturing of heavy duty attachments for port equipment and industry.

One of CK brand's innovations is the so called Bonus bucket, which has proved its success in heavy material handling.

This product, established in close collaboration with Dutch bulk terminals in coal and ore, has several advantages. In the first place, the unique model of the buckets ensures a fast and steady load process. The bucket is designed to 'fill itself'. Next to this, the weight of the load is brought closer to the machine than conventional buckets, enabling the operator to lift over 15% extra volume each cycle. So the use of these buckets leads to much lower handling cost per ton using the same machine.

Like every Beco product, these buckets are made of high quality wear resistant material, improving uptime and ensuring a long and reliable lifetime. Values that are highly appreciated in port activities. 

Machining of the pin holes

Transport of two 17m³ bonus buckets for CAT988K

Bonus buckets for handling coal